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Whether you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a novice, if you are concerned about minimizing your impact on the natural environment while enjoying almost any activity in the outdoors, the Leave No Trace program training courses are for you! Different types of training are offered depending on whether you simply want an introduction to Leave No Trace principles, want to practice the techniques in the field or are interested in teaching and promoting the program.

Authorized Providers

Leave No Trace Canada will soon release its new guidelines for the delivery of training in Canada:

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Leave No Trace courses are not outdoor specific skills courses in the same way that a climbing or canoeing course might be. However, due to the nature of the Leave No Trace program, many of the courses are held outdoors.  It is therefore important that participants in the 2-day and 4-5 day courses have basic outdoor experience and the necessary equipment to spend those days outdoors and camping overnight.

Courses are typically offered from spring until fall, given that this is the period where it is easiest to observe our impact on the environment and learn how to minimize them. However, it is also possible to take the training throughout the entire year. Customized training may be available in your area.  To find out more about these and our virtual presentations, please contact the Leave No Trace Canada team.

Awareness Workshop

The awareness workshop is one day or less in duration and can take form either as a discussion of Leave No Trace principles or a full day program. A workshop can be customized for a specific audience, such as a scout group, canoe club, company, etc. Virtual programs are also available. Fees may apply. Please contact the Leave No Trace Canada team to arrange an awareness workshop.

Workshop costs vary depending on duration, location and provider.

Level 1 Trainer Course

This two-day course takes place mostly outdoors and usually includes an overnight camping stay.  Participants learn about the seven principles of Leave No Trace as well as simple ways to reduce their negative impacts on the natural environment.  Through interactive activities, they also learn to educate others about low-impact outdoor practices. Following this training, new Instructors are encouraged to give awareness workshops to spread the word.

Level II Master Educator Course

This course is for people who wish to deepen their knowledge of the principles and techniques of LEave No Trace and pass on their knowledge to others. It is a 4 to 5 day course, mostly in the field and includes a minimum of 3 nights camping.  Participants practice a variety of techniques to reduce their impact on the natural environment and learn to teach these skills through coaching activities. Master Instructors who complete this course are qualified to teach the instructor training as well as awareness workshops.

Participants should have good knowledge and experience in the outdoors. Only organizations recognized by Sans trace Canada are authorized to offer this training.


Leave No Trace Course

Please contact Leave No Trace Canada to inquire about opportunities in your area. Leave No Trace Canada is currently updating the list of individuals, organizations and providers who are qualified to deliver the training.

Leave No Trace Course

Please communicate with Leave No Trace Canada for the new training guidelines.
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