Attention Leave No Trace Canada Course Administrators & Trainers

If you are a current or former Leave No Trace trainer, welcome! You will find additional resources on this dedicated, member and partner-access only page.  We appreciate that there is a need for new and updated materials to help you with your course offerings going forward. We are continuing to load those materials on this page. 

NOTE: To access this page, you will need to be logged-in in to your member or partner Leave No Trace Canada account. We value your support and trust that you will agree to our membership requirement.

Your membership is important! This helps us to determine who are the active trainers in Canada, as we strive to evergreen our new database. Trainer activity has changed over the pandemic years, and this will help us stay up-to-date in addressing your needs.  Your input is important if we are to stay relevant with our messaging and training. So, please let us know if you have any comments, recommendations or requests as we continue to fulfill our mission in Canada.