Leave No Trace Canada works with our tourism industry partners on initiatives that promote best practices for outdoor recreation among visitors to popular destinations.  Visitors from outside and within Canada are having a large impact on our natural areas – applying the Leave No Trace Principles and message brings emphasis to how we can have a positive impact on our natural environments.

We have many partners active in and concerned with the conservation and preservation of our green spaces across Canada. Municipal & regional organizations, popular destinations, as well as national groups such as the Trans Canada Trail look to reach and educate their stakeholders and visitors with positive messaging to reduce user impact, especially on the more popular areas.

If your organization is interested in working with us on building a Leave No Trace campaign, please contact us.  We would be pleased to discuss the creation of a plan, custom-tailored to your destination.


Photo by: Kampus Production

Some of our tourism partners:

  • Aventure Ecotourism Quebec
  • Fraser Valley Group
  • National Capital Commission
  • New Brunswick Parks
  • The East Coast Trail
  • Tourism Chilliwack
  • Tourism Fernie Society
  • Tourism Sept-Isles
  • Tourism Vancouver Island
  • Trans Canada Trail
  • Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon
  • Yukon Tourism Industry Operators Association