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We would like to recognize all Indigenous cultures that are such a significant part of Canada’s history. We believe this is particularly important where Leave No Trace shares many of the values commonly associated with the respect and protection of all that we enjoy and cherish with our “mother earth”, our “nuna”, across all of our natural areas.

To that end, we look forward to continuing to build our Indigenous relationships on our path of reconciliation. We welcome on-going engagement with Indigenous representatives in our organization and throughout our activities and teachings.

Image credit: Canada Post “Truth and Reconciliation”, stamps issued Sept. 29, 2022

Leave No Trace Canada is walking on a path of understanding and reconciliation with and for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. We are committed to listening and humbly contributing to our future where Indigenous Peoples, and all our relations, walk and work together in an equitable and good way here on these ancestral lands — lands known by names deeper and older than Canada, encompassing many nations. From this, we hereby acknowledge that we are settlers on these lands now known as Canada.

With thanks to Alex Carton, Tataga, Calgary, Alberta & Paul Pike, Qalipu First Nation, St. Georges, Newfoundland & Labrador, for their review and input on this statement.

We invite visitors to review the websites (below) and the activities of the three, principle Indigenous groups in Canada.

Leave No Trace Connections
The following represent those First Nation dialects where we have found a connection to the Leave No Trace Principles and Vision. We will continue to build on these and add to our page as they are brought to our attention. First Nations’ representatives are welcome to contact us with a submission.

c/o Dean Simon, Mikmaw, Western Newfoundland

Care and respect land: maliapte’n aq kepmite’te’n maqmikew
Respect animals: Kepmite’ lmuk waisisk
Don’t litter: mukk jika’tekew

Reprinted with permission c/o Loretta Gould, Mi’kmaw artist, “Dance With the Buffalo”.